Vira Lozinsky Recording New Yiddish Album

Vira Lozinsky, who was the overall winner at IJMF2012 has many things planned for 2018. She is preparing the recording of her new Yiddish album and will be performing at this year’s Montreal Chamber Music Festival, The Festival of Jewish Music in San Paolo, Brasil, The Lvov Jewish Festival in the Ukraine as well as the Vienna Yiddish Culture Festival. Another unique project is Mama Odessa, Jewish soundscapes of Odessa which is a concert organized by the Jerusalem Hebrew University dedicated to Jewish Music from Odessa in the early 20th century, where Vira Lozinsky will participate with cantor Azi Schwartz.

Vira came back to IJMF in 2017 to be a special guest star for the 20th anniversary of the festival, singing solo and duo (with Yoed Sorek) and giving a special workshop on Yiddish singing.

(Photos: Roza Ben Zvi Litay and Vasili Iuriev)

Vira Lozinsky in concert1     Vira Lozinsky _photo by Roza Litay

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