NANI: Andalusian Brew album released April 13th

Multi-talented Singer-Songwriter Noam Vazana presents her 3rd solo album: NANI: Andalusian Brew on April 13th 20:00, at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, with a tour in the NL and Europe.

Noam’s grandmother spoke Ladino, an ancient language, preserved by only 150 families worldwide. Forbidden by her father to speak Ladino, the only means for Noam to communicate with her grandmother was through singing. After performing in Tanjazz festival, Morocco, Noam took the opportunity to visit Fez, her grandmother’s home town. During a walk down the narrow streets of the old town she heard a familiar tune being sung nearby. Following the sound she arrived at a square where hundreds of people were singing a song her grandmother used to sing to her as a child. Noam felt she arrived at an inner root that was waiting to be discovered and started a year long research to find out more about Ladino music. Throughout the album a magical atmosphere is set, featuring Noam’s haunting vocals. In contrast to her previous albums, here Noam explores her alto range, giving a warm, deep feeling which illustrates her personal connection to the songs. The innovative arrangements present a scented brew of Middle Eastern music, North African beats & Jazz and the result is a gorgeous, fascinating new sound.

 Volkskrant “A must see show!”. OOR “Strikingly sung. Very well done” Written in Music “Love Migration is an unforgettable journey, to enjoy from the first note to the last”


Recent winner of the IJMF Sephardic Music Award 2017, Noam’s second album Love Migration already ranked the iTunes Top-20 bestseller and won her the ACUM album prize 2014. Noam played on Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz NL, Rocella Jonica Jazz IT, TEDx NL, Intl. peace conference CH and many more. Her debut album Daily Sketch in 2011 generated rave reviews and the album was immediately chosen for “Album of the week” on NTR-radio NL and two singles David’s Lament and Personality became ‘Hit of the week’ on both Radio 2 NL en NTR radio NL. In 2010 Noam won the Dutch singer-songwriter competition Mooie Noten and won the AICF prize for excellence in young musicians for 6 years in a row 2000-2006. This year Noam is on tour with 90 concerts worldwide: North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Personal video invitation (Dutch):

Noam sings Morenika:



Data Release EU:

13 Apr – Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL

14 Apr – Spanckenhof, Bad Wuennenberg, DE

21 Apr – Jazzahead Clubnight, Bremen, DE

25 Apr – Lux, Nijmegen, NL

28 Apr – Soul Buddies, Nuremberg, DE

29 Apr – DB Museum, Nuremberg, DE

24 May – Tres Culturas Festival, ES

2 Jun – Sefarad Festival, Cordoba, ES

7 Jun – Frankfurt, DE

7 Jul – Bimhuis, Roots Festival, Amsterdam, NL 

28 Jul – Galgbergsfestivalen, Halland, SE

11 Aug – Lindencult, Weilburg, DE

25-31 Aug Singers Festival, Warsaw, PL

2 Sep – Magdeburg, DE

8 Sep – Pas Festival, Masstricht, NL

25 Sep – Bremerhaven, Bremen, DE

6 Oct – MerkAz, Utrecht, NL

7 Oct – Kulturforum Wiesbaden, NL

14 Oct – Kiel, DE

2 Nov – Schouwburg, Hengelo, NL

9 Nov – Grounds, Rotterdam, NL

10 Nov – Korzo, den Haag, NL

1 Dec – Paradox, Tilburg, N


For more info: Nova Productions (Sarah Huisson) +31626926197
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