IJMF2017 Winners Sutzkever Project Crowdfunding

Sutzkever Project, our Grand Prize winners at the 2017 International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam need your support now in order to be able to produce their first album.



Sutzkever Project is the piano / voice recital composed of Avrom SUTZKEVER’s poems set to music by Olivier MILHAUD and interpreted by the soprano Mélanie GARDYN and the pianist Natacha MEDVEDEVA. They also won the special Mira Rafalowicz Award for Yiddish Music at the IJMF.

The originality of their project presents lyrical Yiddish in a musical creation of living composer Olivier Milhaud (Darius Milhaud’s grand-nephew) and making the Yiddish language alive. It consists of the beautiful poems of Avrom Sutzkever, one of the greatest Yiddish poets of the 20th century.

For more details on this unique project (and to support it), you only have to click on this link:


Let’s support our winners of IJMF2017

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