The International Jewish Music Festival strives to promote Jewish Culture, especially Jewish music and everything that is associated with it.



Board Of Directors

  • Theo Roos, chair
  • Wendela Sandberg, secretary
  • Sharon Weijel, treasurer
  • David Beesemer, member
  • Ritchie Kremer, member
  • David Simon, member
  • Jules van Hessen, honorary chairman and artistic director

 Event Management and Production

  • Theo Roos – Chairman
  • Laura Renberg Dunkelgrun – Manager
  • Simon Jacobus – Funds coordinator
  • Tamara van Seijen – Artist Relations

Selection Committee Applicants

  • Ken Gould
  • Rene Samson
  • Bert Vos

Advisory Board

  • Paul Burger
  • Michael Dorf
  • Bob Goldfarb
  • Dubi Lenz
  • Lenore D. Naxon
  • Asher Bitansky
  • Ken Gould
  • Moishe Rosenfeld
  • Eric Stein


Your financial contribution to the International Jewish Music Festival Foundation is much needed and appreciated. By supporting our work, you in turn support the musical and professional development of hundreds of young musicians. We are happy to discuss with you the ways in which your tax deductible donation can be put to use.

Please transfer your donations:

Att. “Stg. Int. Joods Muziekfestival.”

IBAN: NL19ABNA0550281606

Donations from within the United States of America
Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity. Payable to “Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity”; Memo: “IJMF” ; The CJCC’s Taxpayer Identification Number is 95-4328467. The Internal Revenue Service determined that the CJCC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization in 1992.


IJMF is an official “ANBI” charitable organization under Dutch tax law. The board members receive no remuneration for their duties. The foundation works with volunteers and does not employ any staff. The formal (financial) report of the 2014 will be provided upon request.

Stchting Internationaal Joods Muziekfestival
Vestigingsadres: Alambertskade 4
3633 VX Vreeland
telefoon: 0294-233365
RSIN: 812334899.B01
Dutch Chamber of Commerce
registration: 34162430
Tax identification / BTW: 8123 34 899
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