Mojše Band Winners IJMF Video Competition

Mojše Band from Slovakia have won our Wildcard voting Video competition, Mazal Tov!!!
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Almost 100.000 votes have come in on the various videos presented by the IJMF2017 applicants. The organizers are very happy with the enthusiasm of all fans voting for their favorite artists. Mojše Band with their Mazeldik cover of Pharrell Williams’s Happy have won by a landslide and will compete in Amsterdam in May and they will also receive the special IJMF Video award. Mojše Band not only had the biggest amount of votes but also scored the highest ratings.
Mojše Band interprets Jewish songs mostly from the former Austro-Hungarian area. The band operates at the border regions of Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. It specializes in so-called bilingual songs which are very popular among Hasidic community. The band is trying to give to these songs a new robe with an intention of Hasidic philosophy of nigunim dveikus to interpret and reorganize old songs by the elements of chanson, jazz and world music, ethno or contemporary music. Mojše performed at several concerts in different clubs in Central Europe and at many festivals.
The runners up in the video competition were nr. 2 Uriel Herman Band, nr.3. Habibti Ensemble, nr.4. Coverstein and nr. 5 Yemen Roots.

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