Faran Ensemble – Grand Prize Winners 2014

Grand Prize Winners  IJMF 2014

The Faran Ensemble members, Roy Smila, Gad Tidhar and Refael Ben Zichry were charmed by the magical sounds of the east and the wonderful combination of cultures carried by their instruments. Within all this time of playing, the three members searched for inspiration from the surrounding nature. Gad as a Camel sheperd, Roy who lives in a small village in the desert and Refael, based in the high mountain of the green north. The compositions Faran makes are inspired by this emotional experiences created from the meeting with the nature. For Faran members, music is a way of life, a continuity of searching and learning. Music is a journey, each tone is a milestone.

Faran has participated in the recent U2 virtual reality clip of ‘song for someone’, they published various very successful videoclips themselves and have recently released their new CD ‘Fata Morgana’



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